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Gate Automation

The most obvious benefit of having automated entrance gates is to provide increased security to your property. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home and with automatic gates  in conjunction with voice and video entry systems you as the homeowner have complete control of who can enter your property.

Choose from our range of sliding or swing, hydraulic or electro-mechanical operators and our team will deliver a comprehensive installation for your home.

Operating Systems

Whichever type of gate operator is used their will be a commonality in the gate control system used and these generally fall into two categories which are impulse to open, impulse to close and impulse to open timed close.

Impulse to Open – Impulse to Close

As the title suggests this type of control set up will require a definite impulse to make the gates open and they will then remain open until receiving another impulse telling them to close. These impulses can be provided by hand transmitters, weatherproof push buttons, digital keypads, key switches or intercom systems.

Impulse to Open – Timed Close

Opening of the gates can be by any of the input devices mentioned above the difference then being that the gates will close automatically following a preset dwell time providing all safety devices are clear. This type of control system will need additional safety/sensing devices to allow safe operation for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Learn more about gate access controls.

Safety Devices

Safety is always the prime consideration when designing and installing an automatic gate system.

Safety devices include photo beams, safety edges, underground induction loops, intelligent control circuitry and physical attachments to ensure all of our installations comply fully with the all of the current regulations.

On completion of an installation and in future service visits all gate operations will be force tested to ensure initial and continued compliance.

Swing gates

Solar Powered Automatic Gates

When it is just not possible or economically viable to get a mains power supply to the entrance gates solar powered systems can often provide the solution.

We can offer a wide range of solar powered gate systems using low energy operators, highly efficient solar panels charging high output leisure batteries to provide safe and reliable operation with no mains power supply connection needed.

If the entrance is more than 100 metres from a mains power supply a solar powered system  could provide significant savings.

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