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Anglia Gates have been established for over 25 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my existing entrance gates be automated?

A. In most cases yes they can, providing they are in good condition and constructed to a standard to be able to accept the installation of operators ,we will carry out any necessary modifications to ensure safe and reliable automatic operation.

Q. If I have automatic gates how do I open them if the power fails?

A. This is not a problem, all of the automation systems we install have manual override facility as standard and can have battery back up fitted as an option for further peace of mind.

Q. Are automatic gates safe?

A. Most certainly yes, a risk assessment is carried out prior to system design and then the necessary safety devices are incorporated into the installation to ensure safe operation and compliance with all current regulations. The completed installation will be force tested to ensure the gates respond to any obstruction in accordance with the stipulated safe tolerances. Safe operation is always our main priority when designing an automatic gate installation.

Q. What is best, gate mounted or underground operators?

A. Both types are safe and reliable, underground operators are more aesthetically acceptable and can provide increased opening angles that are not possible to achieve with gate mounted operators. Gate mounted operators are less expensive and can normally be installed onto new or existing gates with minimal modification required.

Q. I have no mains power at the gate position, can I install a solar powered system?

A. Yes, we can install solar powered automatic gate systems and still provide safe and reliable operation, however we would always recommend a permanent mains supply to the gate position if possible.